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Announcing your pronouns is an attempt to control others

By Scott Tibbs, April 17, 2023

Do you realize that when someone announces his pronouns, the pronouns are always in the third person? This is because it is not about how he identifies, but how that person wants others to identify him. The point is to control the speech of others. Transgenderism is a totalitarian movement, primarily interested in controlling others.

My pronouns are I, me and my. That is how I refer to myself, and those pronouns are gender-neutral. When someone uses a pronoun in place of my name when speaking directly to me, they are using a variant of the gender-neutral "you." The only time gendered pronouns are used to refer to me is when other people are speaking about me in the third person.

But it goes farther than that, to the point of threatening those who do not affirm the self-identity of a transgender person. This is why the radical Left and trans people themselves claim that that "misgendering" someone - such as referring to a biological male as a male - is "violence." Claiming that words are "violence" is a preemptive justification for violence and terrorism. We all instinctively understand that we have the natural right to defend ourselves from violence, up to and including using violence.

We even see people justify violence against children. One podcast host stirred up anger on Twitter by asking if the victims of the transgender mass shooter "weren't praying enough, or correctly, despite being a Christian school?" Obviously, taunting the victims of a mass shooting is depraved and perverted, but he also proved his ignorance of Christian theology. Not only does God not promise no bad things would happen, Jesus Christ told His followers that we will be persecuted for His name's sake. This, apparently, is exactly what happened in Nashville. The "health and wealth gospel" (HAWG) is a heresy.

If free speech is going to survive, we need to totally discredit the absurd notion that speech is "violence." Right now, that nonsense is used to justify violence, beatings and even murder. Eventually, it will be the excuse for the government to shut down "offensive" opinions and facts. Government has a legitimate interest in stopping people from committing violent crimes. If speech is "violence," the censorship is justified as a basic anti-crime measure. If you think the First Amendment will protect you from that, you are deluding yourself.

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