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The ridiculous indictment of Donald Trump

By Scott Tibbs, April 10, 2023

Before I start, let me say this: I will not vote for Donald Trump in 2024, even if he is the Republican nominee for President. I will either vote Libertarian or (if the Libertarians nominate a bad candidate like they did in 2016) I will vote for the Constitution Party candidate again. This is not coming from a devoted Trump supporter. Now, with that out of the way:

Democrats have never gotten over the 2016 election, and are still denying the results of the election to this day. The indictment of Trump in New York City is just another part of denying the election results. One of the accusations is that by covering up his adultery, Trump deprived the voters of "essential" information. This is laughable. Trump has always been promiscuous and has openly bragged about it for decades. Neither Stormy Daniels nor Karen McDougal would have provided any information the voters did not already know. I do not believe for a second that Trump voters would have changed their votes had either case been known to the public in 2016.

Now, on to the issue. Even if Trump committed a crime by covering up the adultery and the expense, the statute of limitations is passed for both a felony and a misdemeanor. Rich and powerful people cover up adultery all the time. Obviously it is a wicked thing, but is almost never criminally prosecuted. The reason for the charges against Trump is not because the district attorney wants to enforce the law, but because Trump is a political enemy and Democrats are still bitter about losing to him in 2016.

Furthermore, this is an intent crime. There is no way to prove Trump's state of mind at the time he directed the payoff of Stormy Daniels. He may have wanted to avoid hurting Melania's feelings or embarrassing his family at a time when they were more in the public eye than they had been in the past. Trump has almost certainly paid off women to cover up affairs before he ever ran for office. It is not a campaign expense if it was something he was already doing before he came down the escalator in 2015.

And again, this would not have changed the election results. People voted for Trump for a variety of reasons and were willing to overlook his character to do it. People voted for Trump to stop Hillary Clinton's policy agenda or to stop an obviously corrupt woman from becoming President. People voted for Trump in 2016 hoping he would control the border, appoint conservative federal judges, implement "fair trade" policies, protect the right to own guns, and many other reasons. Plus, it is impossible to understate just how much millions of people absolutely detest Hillary Clinton and would have voted for anyone to oppose her.

The indictment of Donald Trump and all of the conflict surrounding it could have easily been avoided had Trump followed a very simple rule: Do not commit adultery against your wife with porn stars. Trump has no self-control. He is the man described in Proverbs 25:28 - a city that is broken down and without walls. Character actually does matter.

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