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Miscarriage and abortion are not the same

By Scott Tibbs, March 15, 2023

If someone dies of a heart attack or a stroke, that is not the same as shooting him in the head at point blank range. Emotionally mature people understand this. But when it comes to abortion, radical Leftists love to squeal about the "hypocrisy" of conservatives who have removed the remains of a baby who died in the womb. A shyster attorney who pretends to advocate for "human rights" took to Twitter to mock the pain of Michelle Duggar after she spoke about the pain of losing her baby.

Qasim Rashid is a liar. Duggar did not have an abortion, and he knows it. Duggar suffered a miscarriage of a baby she wanted, and the dead baby was removed from her body. The baby was not killed by the procedure. Rashid knows this. The purpose of his depraved tweet was not to expose any kind of "hypocrisy," but to mock the pain of a mother who had tragically lost her child. In doing so, this degenerate pervert mocked the pain of every family who has lost a baby to miscarriage.

I will be honest: I take this kind of behavior personally. I have friends who have lost babies. I have seen the pain and the grief they endured. I can only imagine how it feels when the hopes those parents had for their child vanish when they get the shocking news. It is 100% pure evil for a shyster to turn their pain and grief into a "joke" in order to make some sort of political point.

There is a reason tactics like this backfire. Your most devoted (or brainwashed) allies might laugh at or applaud your feeble attempt to "own the cons," but those people are already on your side. These tactics do nothing to help you with them. People who are persuadable will be turned off by these antics. People who are on the other side will be motivated to work against the shyster mocking and ridiculing the parents of dead children.

This should not be difficult. There are many things that are morally acceptable in the course of political discourse. It is expected that there will be harsh criticisms directed at people who are in the public square. But there are some tactics that are out of bounds and should never be used. If we cannot even agree that mocking the parents of dead children should be universally condemned, our culture is truly in a very bad place.

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