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Tear down the statue of Alfred Kinsey

By Scott Tibbs, March 13, 2023

This is an open letter to the trustees of Indiana University.

As a part of his "scientific research," Alfred Kinsey interviewed people who violently raped little children. Some of these victims were as young as infants. Kinsey then publicized his "research" in his book, and the "data" on how these children reacted to being raped was published in his book in the infamous Table 34. Kinsey wanted to normalize all kinds of deviant sexual behavior, and his association with child rapists was only a small part of that mission.

There has been a debate for decades now about the value of research into human sexuality and exactly what kinds of behaviors should be studied. That will certainly continue, but let's put that aside for the question of honoring a man whose "research" more closely resembles the "work" of Nazi maniac Josef Mengele than any kind of legitimate scientific inquiry. Even if one thinks that the work of the Kinsey Institute should continue, Kinsey himself should not be honored. We might as well build statues to Jeffrey Dahmer, John Wayne Gacy and Ted Bundy.

Over the last three years, our nation has faced our painful past on racism and slavery. Many statues were torn down and things were renamed to not honor those who owned slaves. Right here in Bloomington, Indiana University chose to rename Jordan Hall and Jordan Avenue because David Starr Jordan supported eugenics. That is why it is so very disappointing that IU chose to honor a man who based his "scientific research" on the violent rape of children.

Kinsey's name should be totally removed from campus. He should not have his name on any department or sign, and he certainly should never have been honored with a statue. You can fix this by tearing down the statue and destroying it, replacing it with a statue honoring the victims of sex trafficking and rape and promising to bring the perpetrators of these demonic crimes to justice.

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