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David French embraces pride and schism over Christian unity

By Scott Tibbs, March 10, 2023

David French has been frustrated over the last seven years at conservatives who support Donald Trump, and at conservatives who have lashed out at him for his principled opposition to Trump. But while French wants to be respected, he is not willing to show respect to people who disagree with him, Instead, he takes every opportunity to condemn Christians who voted for Trump. He took another shot at Trump voters in this interview:
No more fear-based voting. No more compromises with lesser evils. Use your power to reinforce virtue in this country, or you’re not upholding your end of the social compact. Period.
French thinks his way is the only right way, and Christians who disagree have betrayed the Gospel. He has become haughty in his arguments, while he simultaneously argues for tolerance and pluralism. In other words, French has started mimicking the hypocrisy of Leftists. I expect it will get worse as he continues to write for the New York Times and is enclosed in the liberal mainstream media bubble.

Now, to be clear: I like David French. I am deeply grateful for the work he has done fighting the radical Left's attempts to eviscerate the First Amendment, especially on college campuses. I still believe he has some valuable things to say, and I think it is valuable to have principled conservative opposition to Trump. I say this as someone who did not vote for Trump in 2016, who did vote for Trump in 2020, and who will not vote for Trump in 2024 even if he is the Republican nominee for President.

French's blanket condemnation of all Christians who voted for Trump is shameful. French does not and cannot possibly know the reasons that 62.98 million and 74.2 million people voted for Trump in 2016 and 2020, respectively. He has not spoken to nor can he know the hearts of all of those people. Instead he condemns all of them as compromisers and driven by fear. He condemns votes for Trump as evidence of a lack of faith. He is filled with pride, which is a dangerous place to live.

French has bemoaned the lack of basic civility in our politics and our culture, but whether he wants to admit it or not, he and his ilk have helped drive our culture and our politics in a more uncivil direction. It is a natural human reaction that when people are attacked, they will both defend themselves and counterattack. French could defuse much of this by practicing what he preaches, recognizing that people may have legitimate reasons to vote for a man French despises. But as long as French embraces incivility and repeatedly condemns his "brothers in Christ," he will continue to be unhelpful in producing a constructive dialogue.

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