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Donald Trump's depraved and perverted behavior on Truth Social

By Scott Tibbs, March 8, 2023

Marriage was designed to be a lifelong, monogamous union. Marriage is a picture of Christ's relationship with the Church, and the Bible tells us in Malachi 2:16 that God hates divorce. If we truly love God, we should also hate the things that God hates. We also recognize the serious pain and grief caused by divorce - not only to the man and woman who have lost years or decades of a marriage, but to their children who must suffer through the breaking of a household.

(Yes, I know that sometimes divorce is Biblically justified.)

Yet the man who was elected President in 2016 and was supported by millions of evangelical Christians in 2016 and 2020 has put his finger in God's face and told Him that He is wrong. It is a good thing, according to Donald Trump, that Kellyanne Conway and George Conway have gotten a divorce, because Mr. Conway is an "unattractive loser." Trump cheers the painful destruction of a marriage not because there is a Biblical reason for the divorce, but because Mr. Conway said some "mean" things about him and opposed him politically.

Donald Trump is an effeminate, weak, pathetic shell of a man. Celebrating the divorce of a political opponent is depraved and perverted. He only cares about himself and his petty grievances. His reaction to the divorce, based on his brittle feelings getting hurt, is ridiculously disproportionate to political criticism sent his way. Trump is petty, small, hateful and vindictive. He is exactly the opposite of being masculine.

While Trump indeed gave us good policy on social issues while he was President, Christians should think very carefully about supporting a man who openly celebrates and cheers something that Almighty God hates. Are you honoring your Savior by supporting this man? I am sure that some can vote for him in good conscience. I do not judge them. We all have to make our choices, and Christians should not allow political differences to lead to schism in the church.

As for me personally, I am fed up with the former President's childish behavior. He has gotten more unhinged since losing the election, and I am not confident he will have enough stable voices around him to make his second term nearly as successful as his first - especially since Mike Pence has been excommunicated from MAGA country. I will not vote for Donald Trump in 2024. Character matters, and the former President has revealed his true character many times over. This demonic celebration of something God hates is the last straw. Trump does not deserve my vote. I am back to being a "Never Trump" voter.

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