Scott Tibbs

The most racist pro-abortion argument

By Scott Tibbs, March 1, 2023

Some years ago, there was a "study" that concluded that the reason we have a much lower crime rate today than we did in the 1990's is because of abortion. The "study" was addressed and debunked by Evangel Presbytery last summer. What is shocking is the overt racism in the argument for abortion rights.

Let's be brutally honest: When the authors of the "study" write about "low education, low income single mothers" what they really mean is inner city Blacks. This is not me unfairly assuming racial motivations, because it has been well-documented that the abortion rate of Blacks is much higher than the abortion rate for Whites. The authors of the "study" knew that. The argument is for racial genocide.

This is not at all surprising. There has always been an element of racism and eugenics in the pro-abortion movement. It is well-documented that Margaret Sanger supported abortion as a means of weeding out "undesirable" people. It is not surprising that abortions were pushed to racial minorities, and advocates of "abortion rights" today complain that bans on abortion would "harm" Black women much more than White women. It is also not surprising that some white supremacists and neo-Nazis today have also become very pro-abortion, because easy access to abortion leads to fewer Black people.

Even as the "Black lives matter" movement has gained significant sympathy among "woke" Leftists, there is an enormous population of Blacks who are being slaughtered at a rate exponentially greater than the small number of Blacks who unjustly die at the hands of police. The systematic extermination of Black babies - cutting off their lives when they are most defenseless - is totally ignored and in some cases even celebrated by "woke" Leftists. They cannot even bring themselves to attack the racist and genocidal foundations of a "study" claiming that fewer Black babies born means less crime. So do they really support Black lives?

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