Scott Tibbs

It is not "victory" to avoid a worse defeat

By Scott Tibbs, February 10, 2023

When a pro-abortion activist confronted Mark Houck's 12 year old son with insults, Houck reacted as any loving father would. Houck told the man to knock it off and go back to where he is "escorting" patients into the abortion facility, and eventually shoved the extremist away from his son. This was actually a very mild response, as more force would have been justified in defense of a child.

The local district attorney decided that the shove was not worth prosecuting. President Joe Biden, however, directed his Justice Department to destroy Houck's life. That is why the Biden Regime sent more than two dozen armed FBI agents to raid Houck's home, arrest him and prosecute him under federal criminal law, trying to put Houck in prison for ten years for defending his son. That's right: ten years in prison for a shove. The Biden Regime's hysterical overreaction would be laughable if it was not such an egregious abuse of power.

Prosecuting Houck under the "Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act" (FACE) was always absurd. Houck did not block an entrance when he shoved a man who walked over to confront him and his son. This was never what was intended when Congress passed FACE and Bill Clinton signed it into law. Biden and Merrick Garland were distorting the law.

Houck was found not guilty, but this is not a win. This is because Biden and his corrupt attorney general got away with this abuse of power and there is nothing on the table to hold these criminals accountable for abusing their authority to ruin an innocent man's life.

This is not about Houck. This is about intimidating everyone else into silence. This is about making sure no one protests an abortion mill, because the federal government will find the flimsiest of evidence to destroy you. Sending federal agents to raid Houck's home, instead of arresting him quietly, was a truly ridiculous show of force also designed to terrorize political enemies into silence. The only true victory here is impeachment of both Biden and Garland, with both serving time in prison for corrupt abuse of power.

Much has been said about the weaponization of the federal government against political enemies. While conservatives might be outraged at some of the abuses committed to "get" Donald Trump, the vindictive prosecution of people like Houck is much worse and should attract far more attention. Trump is a public figure with tens of millions of dollars, a vast network of supporters and powerful allies to protect him. People like Houck have none of that and can be easily steamrolled by corrupt "law enforcement" officials. Congress needs to act to shut down these abuses, and should use the threat of draconian budget cuts as a weapon to defend the American people.

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