Scott Tibbs

Red Herrings cannot hide the brutal reality of abortion

By Scott Tibbs, February 8, 2023

Infants are not truly self-aware, and have no interest in remaining alive. Little is lost when they die, and the emotional attachments of others do not confer personhood - especially on a defective infant. Therefore, parents should be allowed to humanely terminate the lives of their children between birth and the infant's first birthday.

If you are morally shocked by this, what are you doing to make life easier on parents who are struggling with the burdens of an infant? Are you providing diapers? Are you babysitting to help them take a break? Are you offering to soothe the baby at night so they can get some sleep? It is easy to describe infanticide as "wicked" without actually doing something to help struggling parents - especially single mothers - and toddlers who have actually reached full personhood through brain development. You should act, rather than condemn those who make choices we all wish were not necessary.

Obviously, the two paragraphs above are sarcasm. But the point here is to demonstrate the intellectual dishonesty of the exact same arguments when they are applied to babies before they are born. No one would accept the "what are you doing" argument if we were talking about killing a baby born eight months ago, and attempts to shift the discussion away from the barbarism of infanticide would be rejected. But if you apply the pro-abortion argument to infanticide, the abortion "rights" advocate would claim infanticide and abortion are not the same thing and that it is wrong to equate the two.

So the argument is not about the need to provide for pregnant women and their babies. That is red herring, designed to distract from the reality of abortion. Hundreds of babies are slaughtered every year just a few blocks south of the county courthouse by an organization that is financially supported by both the city council and the county council. The people making this argument are not interested in a real discussion of safety-net policy. They are dishonestly trying to shift the discussion away from abortion. They should be repeatedly called out on this dishonesty, and we should refuse to be distracted.

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