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"Tolerance" does not mean mandatory endorsements

By Scott Tibbs, January 31, 2023

We have heard for decades that the homosexual rights movement wants "tolerance." And for some, this is true. But many people have warned for decades that the most militant activists do not want tolerance: They want mandatory acceptance. This is why they want to force people to bake cakes, provide flowers, or design websites for same-sex weddings. It doesn't matter that a business regularly provides services to homosexuals without discrimination. They must participate in a same-sex wedding.

Ivan Provorov gave the Left what they claim to have wanted when he declined to wear a warmup jersey endorsing homosexuality: "I respect everybody's choices." But that was not enough. One ESPN analyst wants the Philadelphia Flyers to face a seven figure fine, while others want Provorov kicked out of the National Hockey League or even deported from the country. This goes beyond even "bake the cake."

This is a demand that someone wear a special jersey to endorse a political and cultural agenda - something that is not and never has been part of the job for a professional sports player. This is no different than demanding players wear jerseys endorsing any other political cause - from Black Lives Matter to opposing abortion or supporting gun rights. And if a team can force players to wear rainbow jerseys, they (or the sports league) can also force players to wear jerseys opposing homosexual rights.

Provorov did not hurt anyone. He did not repeat the slogans of the Westboro Baptist Church, and he did not endorse violence against homosexuals. He simply said he did not want to wear the jersey. Equating that to discrimination is nonsensical, as well as a hysterical overreaction that exposes the Alphabet Mafia's true agenda.

The worst violation of free speech rights is not censorship. The worst violation of free speech rights is a mandatory loyalty oath. Being forced to affirm something contrary to your own beliefs is much worse than not being allowed to speak your opinion. This is where we are with the Alphabet Mafia. This is not enforced by law (yet) but when you have the entire dominant media and giant corporations line up against you, that line is a lot more blurry than Leftists want to admit. And that is why "do not comply" is absolutely critical, and much become much more widespread.

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