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There is no reason to take a child to a drag show

By Scott Tibbs, January 23, 2023

Drag shows have long been part of homosexual culture, as men dress up as a garish parody of women. The controversy that has exploded on social media over the last couple years is that people are bringing children to "all ages" drag shows. These shows are not "all ages" or "family friendly" when performers are engaged in sexually provocative acts such as grinding and twerking - things that have been well documented by "Libs of TikTok" on Twitter and elsewhere.

Despite what some "libertarians" are saying, this is not a moral panic. This is not "screaming and politicization about families making entertainment decisions other adults do not like." People are right to worry about the sexualization of children by bringing them to highly sexualized drag performances.

There are certain things that children should not be exposed to. We used to understand this as a society, but we have lost our common sense somewhere along the way. And yes, this behavior is grooming. Taking a child to a drag show is grooming that child to be accepting not only of homosexuality, but of garish displays of sexual behavior in public.

Parental rights are not unlimited. For example, parents do not have the right to physically abuse children, parents do not have the right to neglect to feed their children, and parents do not have the right to expose their children to harmful material. This is where even some on the "right" (like David French) have gone off the rails. French argues for "viewpoint neutrality" and a "pluralistic society," but government does have a role in defending those who cannot defend themselves. This is why it has long been illegal to sell alcohol and tobacco to anyone under the legal age, and even parents can be and have been prosecuted for providing alcohol to teenagers.

This is not a case where conservatives are the "aggressors" in culture wars. Conservatives are responding to Leftist aggression in the culture wars, as the Left is indoctrinating children into their beliefs and exposing those children to needlessly sexualized material and behaviors. Leftists opened this front, and are now complaining because conservatives noticed what they are doing. When a vulnerable population is involved, it is not "aggression" to step in and try to defend them. Claims to the contrary are dishonest gaslighting.

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