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Congress needs to take its job seriously

By Scott Tibbs, January 16, 2023

After Rashida Tlaib was sworn in as a member of the U.S. House of Representatives in January 2019, she told supporters of her intentions regarding President Trump: "We're going to impeach that mother f****r!" Obviously, this was a wonderful example of statesmanship and decorum. Other members of Congress should aspire to the brilliant wordsmith of Congresswoman Tlaib. There is no more persuasive argument than calling your political opponent a MF.

Sarcasm aside, these comments are the basis of any corrupt law enforcement officer in fiction: We want to "get" this person. We will find the crime later. This is why no one outside of her most rabid supporters took Tlaib seriously, and why the eventual impeachment of President Trump was handicapped before he even made the "perfect call" to Ukraine's president a few months later.

Marjorie Taylor Greene expressed the same sentiment in G-Rated language when she gleefully Tweeted that "2023 will be a great year to impeach Joe Biden!" What is the high crime or misdemeanor? What is the evidence for the crime she did not mention? We will figure that out later. We need to impeach President Biden!

Here is the problem. Even if Greene's proposal is put into action, Republicans need almost every member of the slim House majority to even get an impeachment to the U.S. Senate. There is no guarantee that impeachment will even pass the house, and if it fails it will be a major embarrassment. Once it gets to the Senate, there is absolutely no chance of a conviction there. This will be a waste of time and money.

So before any major initiative like this, you have two questions: What are the odds of success? What are you hoping to accomplish? We know the odds of success are zero, so what would be accomplished? Would it hurt Biden politically? If a baseless impeachment passes the house, it will not. It will hurt Republicans by exposing them as un-serious leaders who are seeking partisan scalps instead of working on policy that benefits the American people. Biden is weak in the polls, so why give people reason to have sympathy for him?

If evidence comes out of impeachable offenses while in office, then that changes the equation. Until then, this is a political and policy dead end. Republicans would be better served focusing on defeating Biden in 2024, especially with the clown show his administration has become. When you appoint men with a sexual fetish for stealing women's luggage to a high position dealing with nuclear energy, you show you are less interested in serious governance than filling an affirmative action quota. Focus on things like that to build a political case for the voters to remove Biden, not fruitless impeachments that have no chance of success and will backfire.

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