Scott Tibbs

We must not let "science" destroy personal responsibility

By Scott Tibbs, January 11, 2023

I am an enthusiastic supporter of the death penalty, and I have held this position my entire life. People who commit heinous crimes should be harshly punished, and people who commit murder should be executed. The reason I support capital punishment is that I am pro-life. The death penalty confirms the heinousness of murder. This is an act that is so terrible that you must lose your life as punishment.

Obviously, Almighty God also commands the death penalty in Genesis 9:6. This commandment was given before the nation of Israel and the Mosaic Law existed. God later confirms in His Law that capital punishment is not one option among many for dealing with murderers. God further says in Leviticus 20:1-5 that His judgment will fall on the nation if they fail to execute people who burn their babies to death in sacrifice to the demon Molech.

Man has always wanted to substitute fake "compassion" for God's holy judgment. Now, our culture's obsession with "experts" and "science" is the latest attack on justice. "Experts" and "scientists" claim that people's brains are not fully developed at 18 or even 20, and that criminals who commit heinous murders should not face even life in prison for their crimes. Of course, all of this is hogwash, and everyone knows it whether they want to admit it or not.

I knew murder was wrong when I was 18. I knew murder was wrong when I was 14. I knew the punishment for it. Even a lot of children much younger than that know murder is wrong. The idea that a legal adult cannot be held responsible for his actions - intentionally killing another person - defies logic and common sense, no matter how much so-called "science" backs up that fantasy. Basically, this so-called "science" is a fancy way of putting moral relativism into our legal system. It is a direct attack on God's Law, and an expression of hatred for Him. We must defeat this insidious attack on justice, and we must stand with the victims instead of the predators.

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