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A fraudulent "argument" against free speech

By Scott Tibbs, June 17, 2022

The continuing battle over free speech, and the attempted "cancellation" of Ilya Shapiro by Leftists at Georgetown, shows us how integrity and honesty are not obstacles for some Woke Leftists in their war for ever-increasing censorship and the economic destruction of their critics. Alicia Plerhoples wrote that not terminating Shapiro was a rejection of "equal educational opportunity" and "would have closed off the center’s offerings to our Black female students" to get judicial clerkships.

This is an outright lie, and it is shameful that the Washington Post published it. Having someone on staff that expresses an opinion about a Supreme Court nomination process that people found "offensive" does not deny a single person the right to attend classes or participate in professional development programs. If Shapiro used his authority to try to block these women from such opportunities, of course he should be fired. There is not a single shred of evidence that he did.

Plerhoples shows how little she thinks of Black women who study at Georgetown. She believes that an "offensive" Tweet will be so intimidating to Black women that they will not be emotionally capable of participating in these programs. This draws on the worst misogynist stereotypes about how women cannot deal with emotional adversity that should have been abandoned in the 1960's. I happen to believe that legal adults are capable of working with people who post "offensive" things while maintaining professionalism and a strong work ethic.

A key portion of Plerhoples's argument is that she dismisses the fact that Shapiro deleted and apologized for his Tweet. This shows, once again, how the "woke" Left absolutely refuses to show any mercy or forgiveness to people who have "sinned." Wokeness is a cult that mandates a works-based "salvation." Any deviation from wokeness, even unintentionally, stains you forever with no hope of redemption. It is a sad and depressing way to live.

If there is one thing conservatives can learn from the Left, it is that they never give up. No matter how many setbacks they have, they will keep moving, taking ground an inch at a time if they have to in order to achieve their goals. This is why the battle over free speech never ends, and why we have to keep educating generation after generation about the value of free speech and how critical it is to maintaining all of our other liberties.

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