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No, Lauren Boebert did not "threaten" President Biden

By Scott Tibbs, June 14, 2022

Our political climate, and life in general, would be much better and less stressful if people would learn to take a joke instead of having an emotional meltdown over harmless things they dislike. Also, there are a lot of people who desperately need to develop a sense of proportion.

Congresswoman Lauren Boebert made a joke about President Biden and provoked cries of outrage. Boebert quoted Psalm 109:8, which reads "Let his days be few; and let another take his office." Leftists immediately pounced, pointing out that the next verse says "Let his children be fatherless, and his wife a widow." They claimed that Boebert was hoping for Biden's death, and that her joke was a call for violence against the President.

The problem with this "analysis" is that the literal words of her joke was that she hopes he leaves office. She did not mention the next verse. The people claiming that Boebert hopes Biden dies are adding words to her joke that she did not say. One can criticize what Boebert said without being dishonest about what she said and inventing things she did not say.

Of course, some on the Right rushed to scold Boebert to show they are "reasonable" conservatives. They love to signal their virtue to the Left. These people are craven. If you spend your time "punching right" to show the Left that you are "reasonable," then you need to adjust your strategy. No one on the Right is going to like you because you scold people for telling jokes, and you are not going to gain support on the Left other than momentary applause when you scold someone. You are still their enemy.

People, get a grip. Chill out. Not everything you dislike is cause for unrestrained outrage. Sometimes a joke is just a joke. If you have to add words to what someone actually said in order to justify your criticism, then you did not have a legitimate criticism to begin with. There are plenty of terrible things in this world that deserve outrage. By spending your energy on a silly joke, you are damaging your credibility when there is something that is actually worthy of a stern condemnation.

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