Scott Tibbs

Schools must respect parental authority

By Scott Tibbs, June 6, 2022

Schools that educate kindergarten through 12th grade act as in loco parentis, meaning that they act in the place of the parents who delegate their authority to teachers and school administrators. The final authority remains with the parents, however, and schools should not undermine or defy parental authority. Obviously, there are many teachers and other school employees who do not agree with traditional Judeo-Christian doctrine regarding sexual morality, but it is not the role of schools to act against the parents on these matters.

This brings us to a meme popular with Leftist government school employees:
If your parents are not accepting of your identity, I am your mom now.
Wrong. You are not the child's mother or father. You are that child's teacher, and you need to stay in your lane. You may not steal the authority of parents over their own children. Whether you agree with the parents or not, you do not have the authority to contradict the parents' teaching and indoctrinate children with your own worldview. Any school employee who behaves this way should be reprimanded and told to stop this rebellion. If they will not submit to parental authority, they should face disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment.

This is why we have legislation protecting parental rights, most famously in Florida. Too many school employees have decided they know better for children than parents. Not all, obviously, but too many. Teachers, counselors, administrators and other employees should not be discussing sensitive matters of sexuality and gender with students, especially if they are contradicting the values and religious doctrines of the students' parents. There is no rational basis to bring these things into the schools, and any question children and teens have should be directed back to their own parents. This is not difficult.

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