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The lives ruined by our anti-family culture

By Scott Tibbs, May 16, 2022

Do you ever listen to a song you heard in your youth and actually think about the lyrics? Sometimes it will shock you. I was listening to the classic country station last week when "He Thinks He'll Keep Her" came on. I was astounded at how wicked the song's message was. When I was 18 years old, I did not pick up on it, but I do now that I am older and (very slightly) wiser.

A woman married at 21, and had three children by the time she was 29. She left her husband to pursue a more "fulfilling" life in the typing pool making minimum wage. Not only did she abandon her husband who she vowed to live with faithfully until death, but she also abandoned her three children. They were between the ages of seven and fourteen, and now have to live their formative years in a broken home with their mother living elsewhere. The woman who abandoned her husband and her children is portrayed as a "hero" for seeking a new path away from her mundane daily life.

Contrast this to "Ordinary Life" by Chad Brock, released 6 years later. A man was in the same situation, and abandons his family only to realize how much he lost. He begs to come back. It is a much better song with a much more uplifting message, even though the story is a very sad one.

Sadly, the first song is emblematic of our culture today. We despise femininity and we despise motherhood. Breaking up a family and pursuing a feminist dream is a good thing, even if it leaves four wrecked lives and three ruined childhoods in its wake. We despise children, and our hatred has led to the mass slaughter of 60 million babies through surgical abortion and countless millions more from chemical abortion.

There is a cure for this mentality, and the bloodshed and ruined lives it has created. That cure is the Gospel and sacrificial love exemplified for us in the Cross. The cure is not being conformed to this world, but being transformed by the renewing of out minds. (Romans 12:2) The best way to recognize error and avoid the destruction it creates is to know the Truth. Go to church and read the Bible.

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