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The insufferable scolds of the Left

By Scott Tibbs, May 18, 2022

It is obvious that Leftist cultural elites simply do not understand "flyover country." This is why they feel empowered to make criticisms based in their ignorance, that are either bigoted or deeply offensive or both. Then cultural elites are surprised at the blowback.

Keith Olbermann is an insufferable scold. After posting a video berating people who, for whatever reason, have decided not to get vaccinated against COVID-19, he turned his ire to home school families. Olbermann scolded Bethany Mandel, saying that she "ruined the lives of five innocent children" by homeschooling them.

Of course, many home school families have healthy, well adjusted children and home schooled children tend to score higher on standardized tests than children in government schools. But because they are not doing something Olbermann approves, the lives of those children are "ruined." Olbermann has no evidence that these children are harmed in anyway, but he feels free to scold people for an alternative lifestyle choice.

Olbermann's ignorant scolding is mild compared to so-called "comedian" Alex Falcone, who beclowned and humiliated himself with his ignorant remarks about miscarriages. People do not have funerals for miscarriages, Falcone whines, so they do not really believe fetuses are people. Of course, some families do have funerals for miscarriages, especially if the baby dies relatively late in the pregnancy. I have personally seen the pain that families go through when they lose a baby. Falcone thought he was making a "point," but he only showed his own ignorance and depravity.

This is how you got Trump. As I have said before, millions of people voted for Trump because he is a middle finger to the Leftist cultural elite and the mainstream media. People like Olbermann, Falcone and Taylor Lorenz are doing more to advance Donald Trump's 2024 campaign and Trumpism in general than any supporter of Trump could ever do. Trumpism is more of an attitude than a philosophy - the mentality of being pugnacious and aggressive for its own sake. Trumpism is being a "fighter." As long as people like Olberman and Falcone continue to behave like obnoxious scolds, they will fuel the fires of Trumpism and make themselves and their fellow elitists even more toxic to wide swaths of the American people.

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