Scott Tibbs

Abortion policy and the Bible

By Scott Tibbs, May 13, 2022

God commands His people in Leviticus 20 that anyone who sacrifices his child to the demon Molech is to be put to death, and He further warned that not executing child murderers would lead to judgment. II Kings 23 records for us how righteous King Josiah "defiled Topheth" to prevent anyone from burning their children to death as a sacrifice to the demon Molech. He also broke down the altar that wicked king Manasseh had made. Manasseh also burned his children to death as a sacrifice to demons. God tells us in Jeremiah 32:35 that child sacrifice is so wicked it never even entered His mind.

This brings me to Pastor Tim Keller, who said on Twitter that "the Bible doesn’t tell me the best political policy to decrease or end abortion in this country." Really? Has Pastor Keller read the Old Testament, both God's commandments and the actions of righteous kings? Is he ignorant of these things, or is he lying to his followers and the world at large?

The overall positions of the two major political parties could not possibly be farther part. Democrats stridently support the "right" to kill unborn babies while Republicans are working to criminalize the practice. Large sections of the Democratic Party actively cheer abortion and describe it as "health care." They are calling evil good, which Scripture warns us about in Isaiah 5:20. These positions are not equal, no matter what you think about economics or government welfare programs.

Keller has been a critic of President Donald Trump, and that is fine. There are plenty of sincere Christians who opposed Trump in 2016 and 2020, and we should listen to their criticisms. But opposition to Trump should not lead to the enormous leap that the Bible does not tell us which political party has the Biblically correct position on abortion. This is not debatable by anyone who has a passing familiarity with how the Old Testament dealt with child sacrifice, both by the pagan people of Canaan or the people of Israel. "Pro-Life" Christians need to stop pretending that Democratic economic policies to "reduce the need" for abortion are equal to Republican efforts to ban abortion.

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