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The target of censorship is not Nazis, but Christians

By Scott Tibbs, May 6, 2022

We keep hearing about "Nazis" overrunning Twitter if moderation standards are loosened, but they are not and have never been the target of speech codes on social media. True "hate speech" is the low-hanging fruit. No one sheds a tear when a legitimate Nazi gets banned. The problem is that the word "Nazi" has been so broadly defined that it applies to virtually anyone the Woke Left does not like. Banning hate speech by actual Nazis has been used as the precedent to ban more speech, to the point that it is against the "rules" on Twitter to state the scientific fact that someone born with a penis and testicles is a man.

Note how radical gender theology is slipped into a screed about "Nazis" on Twitter. Pointing out someone's biological sex or using the name on someone's birth certificate is put into the same basket as truly disgusting people who "joke" about putting Jews into ovens. "Hate speech" has been defined so broadly that any disagreement with the Left is now defined as "hate speech." This, of course, provides cover to actual Nazis. Over-applying the label waters it down and provides plausible deniability to loathsome people, perhaps even generating sympathy for people who deserve none.

This is why it is good when Republicans actually push back, as they recently did in Tennessee. It will soon be illegal to punish teachers who refuse to lie about sexuality and say that someone born with a penis and testicles is a "girl." Of course, this was already illegal under the First Amendment, but Tennessee Republicans are taking an extra step to protect free speech and academic freedom from the modern-day demand that everyone confirm the earth is flat.

Of course, some people are claiming that the Tennessee legislation violates "federal law." This is Fake News. The First Amendment trumps federal law. But the "federal law" being discussed is the Biden regime's rebellious mutilation of Title IX of the Civil Rights Act, "interpreting" biological sex as gender identity. This alone should result in Biden being impeached and removed from office, because Biden is radically changing the meaning of sex through administrative fiat. Biden's rebellious administrative rewriting of a law passed by Congress is not and will never be "federal law."

There are a lot of ways that the government overreaches, but the real threat to liberty we face today is about words and the efforts to silence the Gospel. This has been the battle for two thousand years, since the Apostles decided to obey God rather than men (Acts 5:29) and were eventually murdered for their obedience. Millions of Christians have been massacred in the two thousand years since then for taking the same stand. This is not about tolerance, racism or anti-Semitism. This is a spiritual war, as the Apostle Paul explains in Ephesians 6:12. Christians should not lose sight of that fact.

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