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It is heresy and apostasy to misgender God

By Scott Tibbs, April 15, 2022

The great rebellion of our day is man's rejection of the sex distinctions given to us by God. This is how you get "serious" people arguing that someone with a penis and testicles is actually a woman, and in some cases should get the same medical treatment that women get. Our culture hates that God has made us male and female from the very beginning and that we did not have a choice in the matter. (See Genesis 1:27.) The war over pronouns and trans athletes boils down to a hopeless war against God Himself.

With that in mind, watch this clip of a prayer to the "god of pronouns."

The pastor prays to the "god of pronouns who said you can call me he or she or they, whatever makes you feel closest to me." Well, no. Jesus Christ told us to pray to "Our Father, who art in Heaven." (See Matthew 6:9-15.) Jesus constantly refers to being sent by His Father, and Jesus is the Son of God - not the daughter of God or the nonbinary child of God. There is not a single place in Scripture where God tells us we can call Him "she" or "they" or any other made up gender such as "clownself."

It is true that God made every person in His image, but once again Scripture teaches that this is a binary - male and female. God did not create anyone "non-binary." There are people who, because of their own sin and rebellion or because of a mental disorder, cannot reconcile the way they "feel" to the biological, anatomical and genetic reality they see in their body.

And while there are "intersex" people, the proper response is to medically treat the genetic disorder, not to make a birth defect into a political identity to be celebrated. The LGBTQ+ lobby has been exploiting the pain of intersex people for generations to make a new victim class for their agenda. It is utterly shameful but no one seems willing to call them out on this exploitation.

Our Father in Heaven absolutely is a "rainbow God," but not in the way this pastor claims. The rainbow is His promise to never destroy the Earth with a Great Flood ever again.

Throughout all of human history, man has rejected the One True God and made false gods to worship. The non-binary "god of pronouns" is another in a long line of idols made of wood and stone, and are unable to "see, nor hear, nor eat, nor smell." (Deuteronomy 4:28.) Many times, the "law" of those "gods" has led to terrible things, such as burning babies to death in the mouth of statues built to the demon Molech. Today, the "god of pronouns" commands its followers to surgically mutilate people confused about or in rebellion against the sex that God gave them, or poison those people with cross-sex hormones.

Man's rebellion against sex distinctions is nothing new progressive. It is old-school paganism.

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