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Documented facts are not conspiracy theories

By Scott Tibbs, April 11, 2022

It is a documented fact that Ketanji Brown Jackson has been weak on protecting children as a judge. The sentences she handed down for child pornography were consistently below federal guidelines for this crime - a crime that involves the brutal abuse of children that then follows those children for the rest of their lives. Despite the lies of the Fake News Media, this is not a QAnon conspiracy theory.

In case you are not familiar with it, QAnon is a cult that believes there is a secret cabal running a global child sex trafficking conspiracy. Sometimes the conspiracy theory also involves human sacrifice and cannibalism. The perpetrators are federal bureaucrats that make up the "Deep State," wealthy elites, Hollywood actors, the Democratic Party or some combination of the previously mentioned groups. QAnon grew out of the "Pizzagate" hoax, where people fabricated a story about a child sex trafficking ring operating out of a pizza parlor. Pizzagate was especially evil, because it ruined the lives of innocent people.

But while QAnon has no real evidence, there is plenty of evidence that Jackson is weak on protecting children from sexual predators. There are actual case numbers, court records, and written opinions from Jackson herself. There are actual names of the criminals this woman set free, and actual computer hardware that was confiscated by law enforcement. Jackson has admitted under oath that she gave predators light sentences.

Child pornography is an insidious evil. Not only are innocent children brutalized and traumatized, they have this abuse follow them around for decades afterward when the depraved perverts that Jackson set loose trade images of the abuse with other perverts. The victims are re-victimized over and over, as thousands of people view the abuse and the rapes. Lindsey Graham was absolutely right when he exclaimed "Good!" as Jackson was describing the possible prison sentences for these crimes.

I simply do not care that the weak punishments handed down by Jackson are "mainstream" in our court system. The fact that other "judges" fail to protect children is irrelevant to Jackson's weakness on crime. If anything, the contention that these punishments are "mainstream" shows we need to reform our criminal justice system to ensure that sexual predators are actually punished and that society is actually protected.

The people who equate exposing the actual documented record of "Judge" Jackson to the QAnon conspiracy theory are engaged in the same sort of moral depravity as those who deny the Holocaust. They are dismissing the real, documented crimes to provide political cover to Joe Biden. They have proven themselves unfit for office and unfit for public trust.

It is absolutely imperative that those in authority appropriately punish criminals who prey on and victimize children. When authorities abandon this duty - given to them by Almighty God - they are in some ways worse than the offender himself. They betray justice, their office, their constituents and even God Himself. If "Judge" Jackson had any capacity for shame, she would be absolutely terrified of the judgment that will eventually come her way from the Ultimate Judge.

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