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An automatic disqualification

By Scott Tibbs, April 4, 2022

Ketanji Brown Jackson wants us to believe she is stupid. She wants us to believe that she has less knowledge about basic human biology than a toddler, and truly does not know what a "woman" is. But Jackson is not stupid. She is a liar, which is actually much worse. She knows exactly what a woman is, but openly lied to the United States Senate and pretended she does not know.

Here is the definition of a woman: A female of the human species with female reproductive organs capable of gestating a new life. And because we live in a time when we constantly sacrifice the normal on the altar of the abnormal, having those organs be unable to gestate does not make a female any less of a woman than being born blind makes a person less human. There are variations within each sex, and there are sharp distinctions between male and female.

Here is what Jackson would have said if she was capable of being honest: The biological definition above plus "persons recognized male at birth who deeply psychologically identify as women." It does not require erasing 167 million women and girls from existence in order to support "trans rights" as a philosophy and a legal matter. But Jackson and Joe Biden are so terrified of the "woke" base of the Democratic Party that a Supreme Court nominee cannot answer a simple question for fear of some angry mentions on Twitter.

The fact that Jackson openly lied in her confirmation hearing about something so basic ought to be an automatic disqualification for consideration. Character actually does matter, and Jackson showed a severe character defect when she brazenly lied in order to avoid offending "woke" Leftists who dismiss science as heresy to their theological commitments about gender.

The hypocrisy of Biden nominating a woman to the Supreme Court is glaring, when that woman cannot even define what a "woman" actually is. Biden might as well have nominated me, and I could have identified as trans for the duration of the hearing and then de-transitioned after being confirmed. That is no more absurd than the fantasy that someone who got a law degree from Harvard University knows less about human biology than someone who is not even fully potty trained yet.

Some would say that the debate over a nominee's philosophical leanings is when we vote for the President. Nope. Wrong. The United States Senate is not a human resources department that is only hiring based on someone's resume. It is a political body, and each member of the Senate is elected by the people of his or her state. They have a responsibility to the voters to vet each nominee's legal philosophy in addition to each nominee's qualifications. This is not a cabinet nominee who will be gone when the President's term is over. This is a lifetime appointment to the nation's highest court.

There are plenty of other things to discuss regarding Jackson's qualifications and judicial ​philosophy, but her flagrant dishonesty in response to an easy question should automatically disqualify her from consideration. She not only beclowned herself, but she made a mockery out of the process and of the Supreme Court itself. If Jackson cannot be trusted to answer a very simple question, how can we trust her on anything?

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