Scott Tibbs

"Sexual liberation" was always a hoax

By Scott Tibbs, March 28, 2022

If the proponents of "sexual liberation" in the 1960's were selling their libertinism as a product in stores, they would be subject to a class action lawsuit and possibly criminal prosecution for fraud. We were promised that everyone would be happy once those old backward religious fuddy-duddies stopped policing what went on in everyone's bedroom. It was all a hoax, and the sexual revolutionaries knew it was a hoax from the very beginning. Now, you are seeing some people on the Left sheepishly admit that sexual libertinism is harmful, especially for women.

After the Kinsey Report came out, feminist author Margaret Mead said that "quite a good deal of our virtue has depended upon people not knowing what other people were doing." In the age of Internet pornography, there is almost nothing that is not known. Every perversion you could possibly imagine, and many you cannot, can be easily found with a few clicks of a mouse. It has been monetized for profit, with little regard for the mental health or physical safety of the "actors" involved, especially the women.

As Christine Emba points out, the normalization of deviant behavior in porn - especially abuse of women, whether it is "consensual" or not - has warped the understanding that many men have about sex. Many women, even when they "consent" to being degraded for the pleasure of their boyfriends or a one night stand, feel depressed, used and exploited. Men deadened by porn have no capacity to actually love a woman and sacrifice for her.

For sixty years, we have heard that what "consenting adults" do in the bedroom is no one's business. For the last thirty years, the mainstream culture has told us that all sex between "consenting adults" is good, and the only immoral behavior is "shaming" those with different sexual preferences. But when deviant behavior is hidden by shame, it prevents people from imitating it. Shaming deviant behavior is a good thing, because some things should not be paraded about in public and certainly not monetized on the Internet.

Starting with Alfred Kinsey, we have abandoned God's plan for sex. Now, many "liberated" people are depressed. God created sex for us, but He knew that gift could and would be abused. That is why He set up boundaries for sex for our protection and ultimately for our happiness. We rebelled against these boundaries and we have reaped the whirlwind. We do not need a "new" sexual ethic. We need a very old one, given to us by God in His Word as far back as Genesis 2:24. One man and one woman, in a lifelong monogamous marriage, is the only path to humans flourishing sexually.

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