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The Indiana Legislature should protect girls' sports

By Scott Tibbs, February 2, 2022

I realize that we live in an egalitarian world where we want everyone to be the same, but there are basic biological facts that cannot be erased by Leftist gender theology. Men are larger, faster and stronger than women. Men have more muscle mass and bone density than women. These inherent biological differences are why we have separate divisions for men and women in sports, because it would be unfair to force women to compete against men.

Leftist gender theology threatens to destroy women's sports by allowing men to compete as women. Girls will be not only denied the opportunity to compete in a fair contest against other girls, but could potentially lose academic scholarships and the opportunity to advance in their field by having mixed-sex competitions. Liberals passed legislation in the 1960's and 1970's to make sure women and girls have equal athletic opportunity, but Leftists are trying to destroy those liberal accomplishments.

I use the word theology intentionally. This is not about science, and it is not about fairness. The transgender lobby takes it as an article of faith that someone born with a penis and testicles can be a woman, and some have even gone so far off the deep and to say that "trans women" are biological women. This deep denial of basic biology cannot be attributed to a political ideology. It is a religious belief, and radical Leftists are trying to force their religion on everyone else.

This is why the Indiana state legislature is absolutely correct to pass legislation to ban biological males from competing in girls' sports. And despite what opponents say, this legislation would not "discriminate" against trans youth. Boys who choose to identify as girls have the exact same opportunities as everyone else: To compete against other boys.

The radical Left then engages in truly reprehensible behavior by accusing conservatives of causing transgender teens to kill themselves. But we need to be very clear here: Threatening suicide is gaslighting, emotional manipulation and blackmail. The person threatening suicide is the oppressor, not the oppressed. This is what abusive spouses do to prevent their partners from leaving a toxic marriage. We must not be intimidated by this despicable behavior. They are threatening self-murder to blackmail everyone to submit to denying girls fair athletic opportunities.

Of course we should support those with gender dysphoria. The way to do that is not to encourage their delusion, which leaves them more vulnerable to depression. The way to do that is to lovingly encourage them to accept their bodies as God made them, not to see their bodies as oppressive. The radical Left's whole scale embrace of "transgenderism" and radical gender theology is a betrayal of youths with gender dysphoria and is the exact opposite of love. They are sacrificing the mental and physical health of "trans youth" to enforce a radical theology of forced androgyny that denies biological facts. They must not be allowed to win.

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