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When racism is used to defend police brutality

By Scott Tibbs, January 24, 2022

Outright racism is not a good look, and the criminal actions of some Blacks do not justify police brutality against all Blacks. This should be common sense, right? Well, common sense is not nearly as common with some "conservatives" on social media as it should be.

So here is the backstory. Back in 2020, British model Molly Conlin posted her frustration with the police after the killing of George Floyd. A month later, she was the victim of a home invasion and robbery by a gang of Black men. A "conservative" Twitter account gloated about this, saying she was part of a group of "British women posting their L's." (I will not link to the Tweet, because of the images included.)

OK, so let me get this straight: Her criticism of how police handled Floyd is invalidated by the fact that other Blacks, in a different country and on a different continent, committed a violent crime against her. She looks like a fool, right? If you have white robes and a white hood hanging in your closet, she probably does look like a fool. To almost anyone else, the crime committed against her does not invalidate her argument.

I realize that the label of "racism" is so over-applied that it is nearly meaningless, and this has been the case for decades. But this "argument" against Conlin is so openly racist that there is no other option but to apply that label. And this was an obscenely racist argument.

Conservatives are going to be called "racist" no matter what we do, especially when we take a "tough on crime" stance. It does not help our cause when other so-called "conservatives" make openly racist arguments, or when "blue check" conservative influencers with over a million followers retweet openly racist arguments. Decent conservatives need to oppose this kind of behavior - both because it is the morally right thing to do and to disassociate ourselves from open racism. We need to police our own side.

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