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Insulting the President should not be a death penalty offense

By Scott Tibbs, January 10, 2022

We should all be able to agree with this: If you are threatening to kill someone because he played a harmless prank on politician you support, you are part of a cult. No politician should be treated like a prophet or high priest, and certainly not as a Messiah. I have ripped into the cult mentality of some of President Donald Trump's supporters many times, but there are supporters of President Joe Biden who are just as bad or worse.

Indeed, the Biden Cult is behaving exactly like Muslim terrorists who fly into an unhinged murderous rage at slights against Mohammed. Exposing a prank caller's private information, calling him up and threatening to murder him, and trying to destroy his ability to provide for his family are all wildly disproportionate reactions to a childish prank call.

In case you missed it, man called into a live stream and spoke to President Biden, ending the call by saying "Let's Go Brandon." Biden then agreed, saying "Let's Go Brandon." LGB is a stand-in for a much more vulgar phrase, "F*** Joe Biden." It made Biden look terribly out of touch to agree with LGB.

Now, is this something anyone should be doing? No, and this is especially important for Christians. The caller has said he is a Christian. The Apostle Paul and the Apostle Peter are both very clear in their writings that we should respect those in authority over us. Whether you think Biden as a man deserves respect or not, it is important to respect the office. The caller has said he is a Christian, so he should submit to Scripture's teaching on this matter.

But at the end of the day, this was just a harmless prank call. Biden is not a god or a Messiah, so no one was committing blasphemy by prank-calling him. Democrats could have decided to be the adults in the room, saying how this shows disrespect for the office and indicates how far the Republican Party has fallen under Trump. Instead, some Leftists lost all sense of proportion and humiliated themselves in the process.

Politics should not be a religion, but far too many treat politics like a religion. As our society has become increasingly godless, we have found various other things to worship. The rage over a harmless prank call is simple paganism. President Biden, who claims to be a Christian, should use his bully pulpit to denounce this idolatry and point people to Christ instead.

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