Scott Tibbs

You are not a victim of your body

By Scott Tibbs, January 4, 2022

God created our bodies, and our souls are not separate and distinct from our bodies. Christians today have a poor theology of the body, which makes the Church less able to stand up to heresy and rebellion than it should be. Transgenderism and "abortion rights" have much in common with gnosticism, a heresy that taught (among other things) that the physical world was bad and our highest aspiration was intellectual and spiritual.

Abortion-rights dogma teaches that the natural process of gestation - something that is necessary for man to exist at all - is itself oppressive. This is why we hear feminists talk about things like "forced birth." Unless a woman is freed from her body, then she cannot truly be a full person. To achieve full personhood and equal rights, women's bodies must be made like men's bodies. It is ultimately a misogynistic theology.

Meanwhile, transgenderism teaches that the body is a prison. A woman is imprisoned inside a male body, which oppresses the female mind with male biology and genetics. The body is the enemy, and artificial intervention is needed to make the body line up with someone's perception of himself. But it is not the body that is in error: The body is what it was designed to be. The mind is in rebellion, and that mind must be convinced to accept reality and embrace the world as God made it.

Both transgenderism and abortion are rebellion against and rejection of God's physical creation. They claim God was wrong, and that man must artificially intervene. But despite the Left's claims, embracing God's created world will do more to actually help trans youth than any affirmation of their "identity" will ever do. The answer is not to encourage children to embrace rebellion against biology. The answer is to help them accept themselves as God made them.

Words and doctrine are important. Our Lord was the Word, and we should be people of the Book. But it is not a binary choice between intellect and body, or between spiritual and physical. We do not choose between the two. We embrace both because God created both. Yes, the physical world has been corrupted by sin. But our minds, souls, intellect and understanding are also corrupted by sin. The physical world is a gift from God, and we should embrace it with thanksgiving, faith and obedience.

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