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Leftists rage at a self-evident truth

By Scott Tibbs, January 3, 2022

The quickest way to get people angry with you, and to bring out charges of "hypocrisy" against you, is to say anything about traditional sexual morality. Abby Roth found this out last month when she compared Madonna to Nancy Reagan. (A warning before you click the link: The Tweet contains a photo of Madonna posing nude. That is why I am not embedding it.)

The responses to the tweet are very revealing. What Roth said was self-evidently true, and everyone knows it. But Leftists, because they cannot argue against Roth's position on the merits, started screeching about Nancy Reagan's alleged sexual immorality in her younger days. This misses the point. Roth was not comparing Madonna at 20 to Nancy Reagan at 20. She was comparing the two women at the age of 63 - one behaving like a lady and one exposing her bare breasts for men.

The point is not the sins of one's youth. The point is that Madonna never grew up. She is old enough to be a grandmother and is still behaving like she did 35 years ago, desperately hanging on to the "sex symbol" status she had in 1986. It is embarrassing. Whatever she did in her youth, Reagan behaved like a lady at 63 years old. Madonna is behaving like trash at 63. That is Roth's point, and no amount of screeching about what Nancy Reagan allegedly did in her 20's will ever refute that point.

But the responses obsessing about Reagan's alleged past reveal something much deeper: Leftists do not believe in forgiveness or redemption. The sins of your youth will stain you forever. There is nothing you can ever do that will take away the guilt. Contrast this with Christianity. The Gospel promises that your sins will be completely forgiven and God will see you with the perfect righteousness of His only begotten Son. (Yes, I know Roth is not a Christian. That is not my point.)

Man never forgives and will always hold grudges. Secularism is a depressing way to live, that crushes your hopes and dreams. You can never be forgiven. You will never be redeemed. God gives redemption and forgiveness, if only you accept His Son's sacrifice on the Cross.

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