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By Scott Tibbs, November 16, 2020

I was told in a (now deleted) comment on this post that I belong "in the gutter" for what I said there, criticizing a local bar for mandating people wear masks outside the establishment. The sign even includes an implied threat to tattle to the university so that students could be expelled.

Yes, despite that I have said many, many, many times that I support the statewide mask mandate, and despite the fact that I was personally wearing a mask indoors in public places two months before it was mandated, I belong "in the gutter" because I do not agree with this particular bit of non-scientific virtue signaling.

This is what a cult looks like, folks. If you deviate from coronavirus theology at all, you are a heretic. We're not allowed to think for ourselves. We are not even allowed to actually follow the science, which indicates that transmission of the novel coronavirus outside is very rare. Nope, we must blindly submit to every single demand, no matter whether it actually does anything to prevent the spread of COVID or not.

This is why so many people do not take COVID-19 seriously, because people see it as needless panic. People instinctively rebel when faced with this kind of "Karen" behavior. The reason this is bad is because people should take COVID-19 seriously. Over 230,000 people have died of COVID. Going overboard produces a backlash against even reasonable restrictions.

This should not be difficult. Protect the vulnerable and take reasonable precautions to manage the spread of the virus. Go get an influenza vaccine, which will hopefully reduce the spread and severity of a second respiratory virus during the winter months. But for crying out loud, stop treating the slightest bit of dissent with your theology as an unforgivable act of heresy and apostasy. Knock it off.

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