Scott Tibbs

Trump and the F word

By Scott Tibbs, October 19, 2020

First, the news media clutching their pearls over Donald Trump dropping the F-Bomb after they defended a president banging a White House intern reeks of hypocrisy. Bill Clinton degraded the Presidency with his actions much more than Trump did with his words.

With that said, Christians should not say this sort of thing does not matter. It does matter. Trump cannot even bring himself to behave professionally, much less be presidential. We need our President to lead by example. And please spare me the silly “at least he fights” meme. You can fight without being vulgar. I have watched Republican politicians do that for decades.

I simply cannot understand this mentality. We can vote for Trump to remain in office without excusing every single thing he does and says. This is a cult mentality, not political support. Here is what you say: I support President Trump, I like his policies and I will vote for him, but he should maintain the dignity of the office by not using obscene language in his public statements.

Why is this so hard? Why are so many Christians committed to 100% total loyalty? Susan Bagwell is right. This does damage the witness of the church. Worse yet, it betrays those Believers who struggle with sin and strive for holiness for "christian" leaders and public figures to behave this way. Our loyalty must be to Jesus Christ, not Donald Trump or the Republican Party.

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