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Nancy Pelosi thinks the rules are for the little people

By Scott Tibbs, September 14, 2020

From the beginning of the shutdown of all but "essential" businesses in states across the nation, many Americans chafed at the restrictions. One of the chief objections was that the restrictions were about control instead of public health, and the hypocrisy of elected officials was a chief talking point.

Enter Nancy Pelosi, not wearing a mask at a salon that is forced to have limited hours due to California's lockdown rules. Now, in the past, someone who was caught violating the standards he or she has been promoting would quickly apologize and move on. Pelosi could have done that, and the controversy would have subsided more quickly. Instead, Pelosi claimed she had been "set up" by the salon.

Even if the Salon had invited Pelosi for the sole purpose of releasing security camera footage, Pelosi herself is the one who decided to go to the salon and not wear a mask. Pelosi in responsible for her own actions, not the salon. Of course, because people are insane and view politics as a religion, fanatics started sending death threats to the salon owner. This is cult behavior, not much different from Muslim terrorists.

The COVID-19 pandemic is something that is unprecedented in my lifetime, and it is important that we follow public health guidelines. But it is also important for our civic leaders to present a good example by following the rules they have implemented and/or advocated. Setting a good example is part of leadership, and Pelosi failed in that regard. Trying to destroy the people who revealed her hypocrisy reveals how out of touch and arrogant she is. She must not be allowed to continue to serve as Speaker.

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