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You can be a good person and vote for Joe Biden

By Scott Tibbs, September 11, 2020

Question for Republicans: Is it possible to be a good person who genuinely wants what is best for the country, and vote for Joe Biden? The correct answer is yes. That will accurately describe millions of people. I know a few of them. Just because someone disagrees with you does not mean he is a bad person.

Now, a disclaimer here: Are there people in politics who are genuinely bad people? Yep. I am not arguing otherwise. We could all name names, including people we know personally. Those people exist in both parties, but that is because of mankind's sin nature, not because all Republicans or Democrats are bad.

The point of my post here is not to argue for or against Donald Trump. The point is that people who disagree with us are not necessarily bad people. As I have said many times, I am voting for Trump in November. You should vote your conscience up and down the ballot. I may think you are wrong on this race or that one, but someone can be wrong and still be voting in good faith, and want what is best for the country. Someone can be wrong and still be a good person.

One of the biggest problems we have in this country is the assumption that people we disagree with are not just wrong, but evil. Trump voters are all a bunch of white nationalists, and Biden voters are a bunch of Communists. That has to stop. It is simply not true that over 60 million people who vote for Biden are bad people, or over 60 million people who vote for Trump are bad people.

However this thing goes, we have to live and work and shop and even go to church next to people who voted the "wrong" way for President. We're making life much worse than it has to be if we assume every one of them is not just wrong, but evil. For Christians especially, we have to take comfort in the fact that no matter who wins the White House, no matter who serves in Congress or as governor, and no matter who sits on the local school board, God is sovereign and Jesus is still on the throne. Have faith.

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