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Insanity from both pro-mask people and anti-mask people

By Scott Tibbs, September 9, 2019

We have all seen the videos: People throwing tantrums and berating store clerks because they were asked to wear a mask in a public place, or people screaming at others for not wearing a mask - including one woman screaming at a child for not wearing a mask.

To fully cement the fact that we are living in Clown World, "university" officials are telling students to wear face masks during sex. Yes. Wear a face mask during sex.

Time for a reality check. If two people are having sex, and one of them has COVID-19, the other person is going to get it regardless of whether or not the infected person has a mask on. This is why people do not take public health authorities seriously. And the thing is, people should take public health authorities seriously. People should wear masks. But suggesting face masks during sex is fully insane, and it undercuts the good arguments for masks. This is cult behavior, not public health advocacy.

Look. Everyone need to chill out. If you are asked to wear a mask in a public place, then you should either put a mask on or go elsewhere. But most importantly, do not berate and curse at store clerks who are only doing their jobs. Many times, mask orders are government mandates, so the store does not have a choice. If there is no government mandate, individual stores cannot go against corporate policy, and the employees certainly cannot control the policy. They might even agree with the person who is screaming at them.

The pro-mask people also need to chill out. There are people who are not required to wear masks, like small children. I saw one video where an older woman had a meltdown, screaming at a young woman because her child was not wearing a mask, despite the fact that it was not required. She screeched that her life was in danger and damned the family. This is certainly not a productive way to make your argument.

Everyone, stop it. The fact that we are having a culture war over something this small demonstrates that we have totally lost all sense of proportion. There is no room for compromise or tolerance. Everyone must do exactly as demand, or else they are "violating your rights" or they are "threatening your life." At a time where we should all be unified, we are more divisive than ever. Knock it off.

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