Scott Tibbs

Yes, Karen, the intention does matter!

By Scott Tibbs, July 3, 2020

A black man hangs some ropes in an Oakland public park to be used as exercise equipment. The ropes raise legitimate concerns that someone is hanging "nooses" to intimidate blacks, so an investigation is ordered. That, of course is fine. But once the black man who rigged up the exercise equipment explains the situation, the investigation is over, right?


Mayor Libby Schaaf (also known as Mayor Karen) straight up said that the intentions do not matter. It does not matter that there was no intent to intimidate, that there was no racist animosity against blacks, and that a black man tied the ropes. Nope, the only thing that matters is that some people were frightened by the ropes. So now a black man must subjected to a criminal investigation for a hate crime against himself.

This is paternalistic white Leftist racism at its worst. A black man cannot be trusted and cannot be believed about the intent of his own actions, because a white Leftist is determined to push a narrative no matter what the facts are. Pushing with a criminal investigation after it became obvious that there was no criminal behavior makes it worse - especially since it is a black man being targeted by the criminal investigation.

Does Mayor Karen know anything about the purpose of "hate crime" laws? The entire purpose of the laws is to enhance penalties for crimes motivated by bigotry against a particular group! If there was no hateful intent, there cannot be a hate crime. But rather than being an adult and admitting that she was wrong, she is determined to push a broader narrative. Will an innocent black man be punished to save that narrative?

This is ridiculous. Mayor Karen has proven that she is unfit for any office. Schaaf needs to resign as mayor, and if she does not the voters should throw her out in 2022.

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