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Targeted by the woke mob for trying to please the mob

By Scott Tibbs, June 29, 2020

We keep hearing that it is not enough for white people to not be racist. Because of institutionalized white supremacy, whites must be actively anti-racist, or they are enabling a racist system. But if you try to be "anti-racist" and you do it the wrong way, you will be have your life and career ruined two years later.

This is why the "woke" cult is so toxic. There is never any forgiveness. There is no allowance for good intentions. Even if you try to follow the cult's demands, you can be canceled for imperfect obedience. In this case, a woman wore a business suit and blackface to a Halloween party to mock Megyn Kelly, who had recently outraged Leftists for the way she spoke about blackface.

Was the costume the best choice? No. Wearing blackface is a sensitive area and can cause offense, even when the intent is to be anti-racist. It was a poorly thought out decision. But the reaction to it was radically disproportionate to the act itself.

First, an anonymous woman who is not a public figure making a poor costume choice is not newsworthy. People make bad decisions every single day and it does not bring a three thousand word article in the Washington Post. As a matter of fact, Lexie Gruber and Lyric Prince have done insensitive things in their lives, and have caused offense and hurt feelings. How do I know this? Because they are human beings, and human beings are flawed and make bad decisions.

The appropriate response to wearing an offensive costume to a party would be social consequences, which is what happened. The good white liberal was confronted and insulted, and she left the party in tears. In a normal, healthy society, that would be the end of it. She learned her lesson. Instead, she was humiliated on a national stage by one of the nation's two most prominent newspapers and then fired from job. The disproportionate nature of her punishment is utterly absurd.

Shame on the Washington Post for publishing this trash. They should have told the crybaby staffers to shut up and get over it. If they pursued the story outside of the Post, they would be terminated. But we do not live in a sane society. We live in a hateful, vindictive society where maximum punishment must be pursued for causing unintentional offense. It would be funny if it were not so sad.

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