Scott Tibbs

The death of parody and satire

By Scott Tibbs, June 23, 2020

When President Trump shared a video mocking CNN for their coverage of him, Twitter put a warning under Trump's tweet advising readers it was "manipulated media." CNN confirmed that the video was fake. Even The Dispatch got in on the action with a "fact check" post and newsletter.

This is astonishing.

Obviously, the next great scandal that must be uncovered by our brave journalists is to fully investigate Saturday Night Live. Do you have any idea how much fake news that show produces? We have been misled for decades by the lies broadcast into our homes by this terrible program! Did you know that George H. W. Bush was not actually on the program? It was actually actor Dana Carvey pretending to be Bush! Also, Chris Farley was actually not a motivational speaker who was living in a van down by the river!

Guys, chill out. There is no need to run a fact check on this "doctored" video. You do not need to check with CNN to confirm the video was doctored. It obviously was a parody. It was obviously satire. Of course it was manipulated. No one who watched the video thought it was a clip of real CNN coverage. Please grow a sense of humor and stop clutching your pearls at harmless memes. This is really tiresome.

Now, look - should the President of these United States be trolling on Twitter? Obviously not. Trump should have dialed it way back in January 2017, out of respect for the dignity of the office. The damage Trump is doing now will last far beyond his term as President, and it will impact Presidents of both parties. If Trump would act with more decorum and professionalism, his approval ratings would be much better and his chances of being re-elected would be much stronger.

But Trump's lack of dignity and respect for his own office does not excuse the overreaction of the media. The Dispatch, especially, should know better than this, and they beclowned themselves more than anyone else with their laughable "fact check" of an obvious parody video. Grow a sense of humor.

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