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The mob will never be satisfied, so stop encouraging it

By Scott Tibbs, June 2, 2020

Many people in the world are jerks, but being a jerk should not result in having your life ruined. Unfortunately, the "woke" mob on the Internet has no sense of proportion so anyone who sins must be punished far beyond the scope of the "sin" he or she committed.

Backstory: A woman walking with her dog in a park was confronted by a man for not having the dog on a leash. He summoned the dog to him, which freaked the woman out. She called the police and claimed he was threatening her life, which was obviously absurd.

Now, this is not to excuse what she did. (I am intentionally not naming her. She has been doxxed enough already.) Calling the police was excessive, when she could have simply walked away from the situation. The way she roughly handled her dog is terrible. It is also not up to a bystander to enforce leash laws.

So she was a jerk in public. For this "crime" she was outed, had her private information posted online, and received death threats. Let's be very clear here: The person who posted the video knows exactly what could happen by posting this on social media, so exposing her to an online mob was completely intentional. The woman overreacted, but his vindictive and hateful desire for revenge was much worse.

Franklin Templeton is a bunch of detestable cowards. What they should have done is tell the mob that while they do not approve of her behavior, they will not terminate her employment as she was on her own personal time. Giving the mob what it wants only encourages the mob that this behavior works, and guarantees further mob action. The worst thing you can do when facing an online mob is to show weakness.

This is not what "justice" looks like. This is what a cult looks like.

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