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Joe Biden demands rights he would deny to college students

By Scott Tibbs, May 19, 2020

Joe Biden does not take sexual assault seriously. He sees allegations of sexual assault as a political tool against his enemies or as a means to appease radical feminists in his base. Biden does not care about actual victims and he certainly does not care about justice. He is the ultimate hypocrite.

When Biden was Vice President, his administration issued a "dear colleague" letter demanding that colleges receiving federal funds strip due process from men accused of sexual misconduct. The evidentiary standard for accusations was lowered and the process was turned into a joke - a "hearing" designed to get a conviction instead of finding out the facts.

Much has been said about the treatment of Biden as opposed to the treatment of Brett Kavanaugh, but Biden's hypocrisy is far worse regarding students accused of sexual misconduct. Kavanaugh had the apparatus of the conservative movement, the Trump administration, the Republican party and conservative media defending him. College students accused of sexual crimes have no such allies. They are not even allowed to have legal representation in hearings designed to destroy their academic career.

Biden cannot blame this on Barack Obama, because after the Trump Administration reversed Obama's policy, Biden promised to restore it if he is elected President. Biden now owns that policy, and I cannot understand how mothers or fathers who have sons could ever vote for Joe Biden.

Biden wants to have due process for himself, and he wants to have a chance to defend himself. But if the Democratic Party actually believed in the standard Biden has set for college students, he would be denied the nomination at the Democratic Party convention this summer. If Biden himself believed in the standard he would set as national policy, he would drop out of the race and allow the party to select someone else. He will not do that, because he is a liar and a hypocrite, and nothing he says can be taken seriously.

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