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Please do not drink bleach or believe Fake News

By Scott Tibbs, May 1, 2020

The movie Idiocracy was supposed to be a dystopian future satire. It was not supposed to be a road map for the future of this nation, though I wonder how long it will be before we start using Gatorade to water our plants. After all, Gatorade is what the plants crave!

Another indication that we are living in the Idiocracy was when the hashtags Bleach and #DontDrinkBleach started trending on Twitter a week ago. Was the President of these United States actually telling people to drink bleach as a treatment for COVID-19, also known as the Communist Virus?

Well, no. Trump had suggested that we could inject disinfectants into the lungs, and that is something doctors could look at. Trump later said he was being sarcastic to provoke a reaction. More on that in a bit.

First, here is a general principle for reacting to anything President Trump says: He has no filter between his brain and his mouth. Everyone has thoughts we know we should not say out loud (especially in public) so we make a split-second decision not to say that thing. When Trump has a thought, he immediately says it. Trump mouths off a lot. Trump is not going to stop mouthing off. So here is my advice: You have to stop having a fit every time Trump mouths off. It is not good for your mental health or your stomach lining.

Also, do not exaggerate what Trump says. When you do that, you become the issue, not whatever it was Trump said. He never said to drink bleach. He said injecting disinfectant was something doctors could look at. That is bad enough, and is well worth commentary, whether or not Trump was trolling to get a reaction from the news media and the Democrats. If Trump's enemies would just focus on what he said and not lie about it, they could be far more effective.

Later, Trump claimed he was being "sarcastic." That is not good either, especially at this time and on this topic. Now is the time to be presidential, or at least behave professionally. This is a very serious matter and it is unseemly for the President to be openly trolling to make people angry. As I have said before, "Own the libs" is not a political philosophy. The President should never openly troll the Democrats or the mainstream media, but especially not when the subject is a pandemic that could kill hundreds of thousands of people.

I realize I might as well be trying to punch my way through a concrete block wall. Trump is never going to change. We will never behave professionally, much less be presidential. But conservatives can and should stop defending his worst excesses. Yes, call out the media for exaggerating, but there's no legitimate defense of what Trump said. Stop acting like a cult.

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