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Stop covering up for China's Communist government!

By Scott Tibbs, April 20, 2020

If you are using notorious troll forum 4chan as evidence of a broader trend of "racism" then you either do not know what 4Chan is or you are being intentionally dishonest. I find it very difficult to believe that any informed person is ignorant of this, so the most probable explanation is willful dishonesty.

This brings me to a Washington Post article that heavily cites the troll forum. But the dishonesty goes much deeper than that: The Post equates obvious and explicit racism with criticism of China's brutally oppressive Communist government. Specifically, the Network Contagion Research Institute lumps "anti-Chinese sentiment" with the use of words like "bioweapon."

First, is it really that difficult to believe that Communist China, which brutally tortures and murders dissidents, harvests their organs, and engages in various crimes against humanity would be developing biological weapons? Whether one believes that COVID-19 was engineered or not, it is certainly not something that would be beneath China's murderous Communist regime.

It is also well-documented at this point that China knew the novel coronavirus was contagious, and they not only covered it up, allowed large gatherings in Wuhan and travel to and from Wuhan that spread the virus, but silenced scientists warning about the dangers of COVID-19 and forced them to recant their accurate warnings. The Communist Chinese government put saving face over the health and lives of their own people, much less the rest of the world. It is racist to hide these facts in the name of Political Correctness.

But more to the point, it is fundamentally dishonest to equate criticism of China's Communist government with racism against people of Chinese or east Asian descent. Yes, this kind of racism is a moral abomination, but ignoring the crimes and brutality of the Communist regime is not racism. If anything, trying to silence criticism of Communists by linking it to racism is itself racist.

This shameful dishonesty is a perfect example of why so many people distrust the mainstream news media. The Washington Post is carrying water for a brutal Communist regime that unleashed a particularly nasty virus on the world and is horribly oppressive to its own people, especially to ethnic minorities such as Uyghurs and the people of Tibet. This is what we mean when we say "Fake News."

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