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Do not forget true evil during the coronavirus crisis

By Scott Tibbs, April 13, 2020

The Communist Virus is not the only thing happening in the world right now, though it is certainly the dominant topic. Even during this crisis, we still see examples of pure evil and the dangers we face from that evil. One such example is a thoroughly corrupt so-called "judge" in Pakistan who released the man responsible for the brutal murder by decapitation of Daniel Pearl.

The murder of Pearl was a particularly heinous one. He was deceived and kidnapped, and then decapitated while depraved perverts videotaped it to distribute it to the world. After producing the snuff film, they hacked his body into pieces. Imagine a "militia" made up of people like Jeffrey Dahmer, Ted Bundy, John Wayne Gacy and Jack the Ripper (but worse than all of them) and you pretty much have al Qaida.

If you deny the War On Terror is a religious war, then take special note how Muslim terrorists referred to the victim of a brutal decapitation as "the Jew Daniel Pearl." The entire basis for this war is Muslim terrorists' hate of Christians and Jews. They are determined to either wipe out non-Muslims or forcibly convert them to Islam. The horrific crimes committed against Christian Armenians by Muslim terrorists in the Ottoman Empire are a reminder of what al-Qaida fully intends to do to us.

We need to stop denying the reality that is slapping us in the face and massacring innocent people in Orlando night clubs. We must understand that this is a war of civilizations, and that the enemy is pursuing a strategy of total war. We cannot defeat this evil if we refuse to see the truth.

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