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The death cult marches on

By Scott Tibbs, April 8, 2020

Arguments for assisted suicide strike an emotional chord: Someone who is terminally ill and likely mere weeks from death should have the option to avoid the suffering that comes at the end of life. They are going to die anyway, so why not relieve their suffering? But pro-life folks warned back then that the move to legalize assisted suicide would result in it being expanded.

Well, two recent articles (see here and here) demonstrate that those predictions were right. This was never about relieving suffering at the end of life. This was always about an unfettered "right to die." Once you establish the precedent that someone can be murdered to spare them suffering, the question is not whether it should be legal to kill people. The question is under what circumstances people can be killed.

The warnings then are the same now: Do we really want to further corrupt the medical establishment? Do we want to take a profession that is meant to heal, save lives and reduce pain and turn it into something that actively murders people? As this becomes more prevalent, will this erode trust in doctors and hospitals, to say nothing of insurance companies? I personally know people who have put a directive in their "living will" that they not be denied food and water if they are incapacitated.

Notice some of the language used to defend assisted suicide: People do not want to be a "burden" on their loved ones. I thought this was about relieving the worst suffering for the terminally ill? This sounds a lot more like convenience for the living than compassion for the dying.

Life is precious, because humans are made in the image of God. We were never supposed to die, but our sin brought death into the world. Scripture declares in 1 Corinthians 15 that death is an enemy that will be destroyed. It is one thing to avoid "heroic" measures that prolong life, allowing nature to take its course. It is another thing entirely to actively murder someone. We must resist and stand against those who are looking to expand ways to kill innocent people, and exploiting crises to do so.

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