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Joe Biden is a liar and a moral degenerate

By Scott Tibbs, March 18, 2020

The death of Joe Biden's wife an daughter in a traffic accident was a terrible tragedy. Anyone with a heart feels for him in his grief, even nearly five decades later. However, the fact that your wife died tragically does not give you the right to viciously lie about and smear an innocent man.

Contemporary reports at the time indicate the truck driver was not at fault for the accident. There is no evidence that he was impaired or had been drinking. The accident was the result of Biden's wife making an error in traffic. Yet decades later, Biden falsely claimed that the truck driver had "drank his lunch" and was responsible for the fatal crash.

This is a damnable lie. Imagine that you are in an unavoidable accident and someone dies as a result. Even if you are not at fault, that is a traumatic experience. Then, one of the most powerful men on the planet completely fabricates wrongdoing on your part, leaving you with little recourse to defend your name because you will never have the kind of platform available to the Vice President of these United States. It was so bad that after the man's death, his children begged Biden to stop the character assassination of their deceased father. See here and here and here for more.

Character matters, especially when someone is seeking to be President. Biden's casual lies about an innocent man, meant to further his own political ambitions, proves that he lacks the basic human decency required to be dog catcher, much less hold the most powerful political office on the planet. We do not this man anywhere near the immense power of the presidency. Vote against Joe Biden!

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