Scott Tibbs

The impending normalization of polyamory and cuckolding

By Scott Tibbs, March 9, 2020

Some of us warned well before the Supreme Court fabricated the "right" to same-sex marriage in 2015 that Christendom at large had long given up moral authority by surrendering on other aspects of sexual morality, including not standing against fornication and sheepishly accepting no-fault divorce. Now that polyamory and cuckolding has stepped out of the shadows and is being pushed by the cultural elite, we are about to lose another battle.

It does not help when Christian publications, even standing against the coming tide, are opposing polyamory in the weakest way possible. Doug Wilson was right when he mocked this approach. We cannot effectively push back against the upcoming push for polyamory and cuckolding with "thoughtful" language about what is "best" or what God's will is for our good. The answer is not to stroke your beard and contemplate how God's plan is best for us. The answer is to preach the Gospel and God's condemnation of this wickedness.

There is also a secular argument to be made. When polyamory is celebrated by the mainstream media, it is usually presented with examples of the woman initiating it, and the weak man agreeing to cuckolding. But in practice, this will be a man with multiple women, and the women will not be happy. Unfavored wives will be neglected at best. It is a very misogynistic practice. We have seen with the sexual revolution how removing restraints on men has harmed women, and allowing polyamory will only make it worse.

Marriage as the union of one man and one woman (not three or five or ten) was established as a creation ordinance in Genesis 2:24, before the Fall. The Lord Jesus Christ reiterated this as the s model for marriage in Mark 10:6-9, and the Apostle Paul also underlined that principle in Ephesians 5:31. While polygamy was practiced in Scripture (most famously by King Solomon) it was never God's plan. It was man's rebellion. It is important to remember that Solomon's refusal to cleave to one wife is what led him to turn his heart away from the God who blessed him immensely and instead worship demons. This was devastating for the entire nation of Israel, which was split into two.

It is not enough for the church (and by that I mean the church universal) to try to hold the line against polyamory and cuckolding. The lines have been broken and we are losing ground. No, all of Christendom needs to openly revolt against the sexual revolution writ large, starting with a sincere confession and repentance of the weakness and permissiveness of the church on fornication, divorce, and unbiblical remarriage. Christendom cannot be about managing the decline of the culture. Christendom must be about reclaiming and transforming the culture, living in faith that the Holy Spirit can bring revival and change hearts.

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