Scott Tibbs

Is it too late to stop Bernie Sanders?

By Scott Tibbs, February 24, 2020

Democrats panicking about Bernie Sanders now made the same mistake in 2019 that Republicans made about Donald Trump in 2015. Democrats should have ripped Sanders apart a year ago, to stop him from gaining momentum. The Democrats waited way too long, because they were afraid of his support base, and now he may be unstoppable.

The Republicans made the same mistake in 2015. If Republicans wanted anyone other than Trump, they should have immediately unloaded on him in June 2015. But because they were afraid of his base, they allowed him to gain momentum and by February 2016 he was unstoppable. Democrats did not take Sanders seriously in 2019, and Republicans did not take Trump seriously in 2015. That will lead Sanders to be the Democratic nominee, just as it led to Trump being the Republican nominee.

The good news for Republicans is that Donald Trump - for all of his eccentric and erratic public behavior, and for all of his lack of discipline and lack of basic professionalism, has mostly governed like a standard Republican. We got tax cuts, pro-life policy, defense of religious freedom, and scaling back government regulations. He even moved the U.S. Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, which Republicans (and Democrats!) have promised to do for decades and then failed to do.

Bernie Sanders will not be a standard Democrat. He will govern like he has promised to govern - as a Communist. That is bad news for the country, and bad news for the Democrats in the general election if Sanders does indeed win the nomination.

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