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Hatred of Trump leads to supporting Trump's arguments

By Scott Tibbs, February 12, 2020

If Fox News hosts mocked inner-city Democrats as uneducated and ignorant, Don Lemon and the rest at CNN (along with the "woke" online Left and the rest of the legacy news media) would have a fit. "Racist! Bigoted!" But it is perfectly OK for CNN to mock Trump voters, pretending they are all ignorant hicks. They used a fake Southern accent, of course, because the big city legacy media despises Southern whites.

Of course, CNN ignores that Trump got a large share of college-educated voters. Trump actually won a majority of white voters with a college degree, though Clinton won voters with a college degree overall. CNN's mocking of all Trump voters as uneducated rubes is fake news in addition to hypocrisy.

Here is a quick tip for Lemon and everyone else at CNN: If you think it is terrible that Donald Trump derides you as "The Enemy Of The People," then stop acting like the enemy of the people by mocking and viciously attacking tens of millions of people who did not vote for your preferred candidate. This is why Trump voters resonate to arguments that Trump is just standing in the way of attacks on them.

No, I do not think it is good when the President of these United States describes the legacy news media as "the enemy of the people." The President needs to be above such rhetoric, and even absent actual policy restricting the free press it does smack of an authoritarian mentality. But the legacy media hates Trump so much that they are going out of their way to prove Trump's point by attacking Trump voters.

If the legacy media and the Democrats wanted to be rid of Trump in 2020, all they had to do is not be crazy. Point out Trump's well-documented problems and do not go off the deep end, either with radical social policies or with venomous attacks on the tens of millions of people who voted for Trump. They could not do that, and after three years of this behavior it is too late for a reasonable strategy to work. The well has been poisoned. But for the good of the country, the hatred needs to be toned down.

And yes, this also applies to the Right and conservative media.

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