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Just say "no" to a Patronage Tax

By Scott Tibbs, January 17, 2020

So the Mayor of Bloomington is proposing increasing the county income tax to bring in $8 million every year for a new Patronage Departm... I mean a new Climate Change Department. Wait, did I have it right the first time? In any case, this is a bad idea and should be rejected.

First, let's be honest here. There is literally not one single thing that a relatively small city in Indiana can do to lower global temperatures by one one hundredth of a degree, much less have any effect on climate generally. If climate change is a problem to be tackled, it must be handled at the international level. There are things we can do nationally, but we will have to get nations like China and India on board of we are going to deal with worldwide carbon emissions. Even nationally, Bloomington does not matter one bit in terms of carbon emissions in these United States.

So what is the point here? The point is twofold: To play to Leftist voters and to create more patronage jobs to further tighten Democrats' stranglehold on city and county government. Virtue signaling on "climate change" is not enough of a reason to take an additional $8 million from people's paychecks every single year. We certainly should not have to pay for something that is designed to benefit a specific political party.

So have we really nothing better to do than spend extravagantly on something city government can do nothing about? We have made sure all of the streets are clear after snowstorms, the potholes are fixed, crumbling sidewalks have been repaired, and the homeless have been moved off of Kirkwood? Have we successfully stopped people from defecating on the courthouse lawn?

Come on, this is ridiculous. These people are drunk on their own power.

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