Scott Tibbs

An honest mistake is not violence

By Scott Tibbs, October 23, 2019

Go watch this clip, and continue watching for two minutes. As soon as I saw this, I thought, "You have got to be kidding me. You cannot possibly this arrogant."

So let me get this straight: It is violence to alter a transgender person's name in any way, for even the most innocent reason, even if someone is trying to be respectful and use the person's chosen name, and accidentally mispronounces it? Seriously?

Look, if you want to make the case that "deadnaming" is disrespectful or psychologically hurtful or that it "erases" a trans person's identity, fine, whatever. I disagree with you, but we can have a conversation about that if you are a person of good faith. But a totally innocent mispronunciation is violence? Seriously?

Do you have any idea how many people have their names mispronounced every single day? Almost everyone has mispronounced a name at one point or another. Some people have unique names, and not everyone knows the pronunciation of those names. It is not unreasonable for someone to see the name "Shia" and think it is pronounced like the pronoun "she." It is certainly not an intentional alteration of the name.

This completely insane. The militant fringe of the radical Left has no concept of good intentions or failing in the right direction, or even an innocent mistake. If you accidentally mispronounce a name, then you are exactly the same as the people who raped, sodomized and murdered "Brandon Teena" (a trans man born Teena Brandon) in 1993. This is a cult mentality that allows no heresy, even unintentional.

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