Scott Tibbs

Democrats' culture war against Christians

By Scott Tibbs, October 21, 2019

I have always thought that the memes about the 2016 presidential contest being a "Flight 93 election" were overwrought and did not place nearly enough faith in the strength of American institutions. But while I disagree with it, I understand the mentality behind it. Hillary Clinton really did call tens of millions of people "deplorable" and Democrats really have spent the last three years demonizing people who voted for Donald Trump - including many who held their nose and voted for him because they could not stand the thought of Mrs. Clinton as President. So when Andrew Walker said this on Twitter:
I know so, so, so many Christians who have no desire to defend President Trump’s behavior and character, but at the same time cannot make peace with a Democratic Party that wants to use, quite literally, the power of the state to stamp out Christian belief.
Some people said that he was dishonest, or a liar, or that he was exaggerating. But we know from the Democrats' LGBT forum that he is 100% correct. The Democrats literally said that they would use the tax code to punish churches that opposed same-sex marriage, even though two thousand years of church history along with both the Old Testament and the New Testament make it clear in many places that homosexual behavior is sinful. Democrats at the forum cheered when drunk driver Beto O'Rourke promised to punish churches that opposed same-sex marriage.

Never mind that one could easily go to the county clerk and get a marriage license. Never mind that one could easily go to a church that affirms homosexual marriage. Nope, a church must endorse and affirm the marriage of two men or two women, or the federal government will punish you in direct violation of the First Amendment. We have known for decades that the government recognizing same-sex marriage would eventually threaten religious liberty, something I have personally warned about for years now. Now, the very same Leftists who accused me of "paranoia" and said I was "dishonest" are now endorsing the very thing they denied just five years ago. We know who the liars are, and it was not me.

Militant homosexuals and radical Leftists never wanted "tolerance" and they never wanted a "live and let live" mentality. The objective has always been to put Christians under the boot of government, and force us to abandon and repudiate what the Bible said about sexual morality. But the fact of the matter is that this is how you got Donald Trump as the President of these United States. Leftists who waged a culture war against Christians, conservatives, the white working class and rural Americans provoked them to pick the nastiest person in the 2016 field, who will not hesitate to dive into culture war issues. Trump is not a conservative, certainly not on social issues. Trump is an anti-Leftist, and that is what millions decided we need.

The radical Left and militant homosexuals have to answer this question: Do you want to divide the country further? Do you want to make our already terrible political climate worse? Do you want more hate and bitterness to dominate politics? This is how you do it. If you truly care about liberty, tolerance and diversity, you will repudiate people like O'Rourke and re-commit to a "live and let live" mentality. Conservatives are already there, for the most part. Will you join us?

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